About Me

Work Life

My week days are spent at Red River Software as the Development Team Lead. We create systems ranging from Single page web applications, through to custom desktop software and N-Tier frameworks. The company follows an Agile methodology and the Scrum process. The agile philosophy fits well with us, it facilities our natural ability and desire to respond to our customers needs quickly and efficiently. Our primary language is C# and .Net 4.5. Client side languages are Javascript, AngularJS, JQuery and LESS.

Home Life

After work I come home to my beautiful family. My partner Charlotte and children Dale, Ethan and Kendra. Kendra is in primary school. Ethan has started his GCSE's and Dale is in the final year of his A Level's.


Apart from loving to code at work, I enjoy personal projects. My GitHub account holds a few of my side projects and ideas. For relaxation I love to get out on my mountain bike and hit some flowing single track. I really enjoy lifting weights and have started to build a gym in my garage. Of an evening I can be found reading, watching a good film or an interesting TV series.