Project Dependency Graph

I had a need on an old and somewhat messy project to be able to visualize the hierarchy of project references in my solution. Visual studio ultimate can do this, but alas for me, I didn't have it. I found Yuml, a site that lets you create graphs with reasonably simple configuration. That's where Project Dependency Graph came in. It can take either a project or solution file and can produce an number of outputs:

  • Raw Yuml outpt
  • An image of the Yuml output
  • An html output of the Yuml image.

Here is an example of how its run:

ProjectReferences.Console.exe -rootfile "c:\work\myprojectfile.csproj" -outputfolder "C:\temp\projectReferences" -outputtype YumlImage -loglevel High

Below is an example output:

example output

For more information please visit its github page Project Dependency Graph.

Published: Saturday, 16 May 2015